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January 16, 2018

My Next Guests (MLK and Obama) Need No Introduction

While most in America enjoy pointing the finger at politicians for the woes of America, we might want to consider that the American Church, and Americans in general, just might be the most delusional people in the world.
January 13, 2018

IOTC Chapter Leader Graduates Another Class

It was a great experience for me, though I have had teenagers take the class with their parents, it was the first class of all high school age students.
January 13, 2018

Reaching Churches with the American View (VIDEO)

Reaching Churches with the American View of law and government is essential to the restoration of our republic.
January 13, 2018

The New Deal Was A Raw Deal

What we see today is that the New Deal was a Raw Deal, manipulating our fears it has sold us into debt slavery.
January 9, 2018

The Bible vs “Fire and Fury”: Congress Decided

America’s Founding Fathers, both publicly and privately, were advocates of the distribution of the Bible.  Many of these founders worked and financed Bible societies after the establishment of the government of their new nation.
January 6, 2018

Bringing the Biblical Worldview to Public Schools (VIDEO)

At first the students seemed reluctant to say the American view but after convincing them from founding documents and explaining the importance of standing on these principles if we expect to remain free they were “on board,” even requesting for me to come back and share again!