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May 24, 2017

By Whose Authority Are Public Colleges Creating an “Engaged” and “Inclusive” Society?

"By Whose Authority?" That is one of those critical questions that seems to never be asked in our day. It not only needs to be asked, I want to show you that is our duty and obligation as Christians to be asking this question rooted in a Christian worldview.
May 24, 2017

MACHE Conference Helps Fuel 100% Increase of High-School Students Taking IOTC Course

At MACHE, IOTC President Jake MacAulay conducted workshops and ran a booth promoting and teaching the American View of law and government. Because of MACHE and other homeschool conventions, IOTC has seen a 100% increase (on average) of high-school students taking the U.S. Constitution Course each month!
May 24, 2017

AMEN!: California Pastors Teach USA’s Christian Heritage to Congregants (VIDEO)

Churches and pastors need to be equipped with resources about the truth of America's Biblical Founding. IOTC has developed a One-Day Seminar for pastors and church leaders to help.
May 23, 2017

The Religion of Peace Founded America and Trump Knows It

This is our America, one defined by the teachings of Christ, “Love, Liberty, and Justice for all!”
May 18, 2017

Outlawing Repentance at the Supreme Court

The very first command of the Gospel as proclaimed by Jesus Christ in Mark 1:15 is ‘Repent.’ Repentance involves a clear recognition first that God’s Law is righteous, holy and true; second that as a sinner we have violated God’s Law and are therefore worthy of eternal damnation; thirdly...
May 17, 2017

Once Jailed for Homeschooling Beliefs, NCHEA Brings IOTC’s American View to NE

Many individuals were harassed, and even spent time in jail simply for supporting the right to educate children at home!