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August 21, 2019

Deborah Ross’ Thoughts on Taking Action With Her Newfound Knowledge

Below is an essay from one of Ricki Pepin's recent graduates, Deborah Ross, from the West Carrollton, Ohio IOTC class, completing the writing assignment in Lesson 11 – The most important thing I can do as a result of this course is…
August 21, 2019

Who Made the Rules for the Struggle of Liberty?

In our “struggle for liberty," what should be the rules, so to speak? Should they be Republican Rules, Democrat Rules, Fascist, Antifa, Black, White, Socialist, or Trump’s Rules?
August 18, 2019

Ricki Pepin: Leadership Training

Several leaders are now using Articles and Sections of the U. S. Constitution to enter the debates on social media, rather than simply stating another opinion.
August 18, 2019

If Black Lives Matter Why Take Away Their Guns?

Their support of government infringement of the right to bear arms is violating the Constitution and robbing black Americans of the ability to defend themselves, demoting them to second-class citizenship.
August 12, 2019

Democratic Socialists are Absurd

If we can all agree that being ruled by a bayonet is absurd, we should equally agree to take on the benevolent yoke of liberty offered by our Creator.
July 27, 2019

This Squad Certainly Doesn’t Play For America

Once in a while, some Patriots are given a large enough microphone to call this insanity out, but tragically many Americans have developed an erroneous mindset: conflating calling out names for name-calling.
July 27, 2019

Tim Walters’ Success in Maryland

Tim has been an Institute on the Constitution Instructor for several years now, and will continue his faithful work in Georgia, and is expecting to hold another class of around 20 in the foreseeable future.