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April 21, 2019

“Church is the Conscience of the State”

“The church must be reminded that it is…the conscience…guide and critic of the state…”
April 21, 2019

The Convention of States

Interest and enthusiasm is growing to learn more about current events from a Constitutional perspective. This was clearly demonstrated as the room filled to capacity quickly, with about 80 people attending from both sides of this issue.
April 17, 2019

Are Socialists Really Thieves?

In his book “The Law”, Bastiat describes this process and asks the hard question we must ask ourselves: “What do I do when those entrusted with enforcing the law, use the law -- to break the law?”
April 11, 2019

Is Christianity the Religion of American?

"No other test ... ought to be required, on admission to any office ... than such oath of support and fidelity to this State ... and a declaration of a belief in the CHRISTIAN religion."
April 6, 2019

Jeff and Karol Kapelle at it Again

At the ND homeschool convention, Michael and Jake presented a “Teen Track" which extended into two days of intense Biblical Constitutional learning.
April 6, 2019

Muslim Representative Calls Prayer to Jesus in House Chambers Highly Offensive

March 30, 2019

Larry Mayo and the New Covenant Church

Last evening I (Michael) had the pleasure of taking part in the opening class of the US Constitution Course presented at New Covenant Church in Lewes, Delaware and hosted by my good friend Larry Mayo.