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August 18, 2017

Mrs. Chappelle-Nadal, Violence Is Never Okay: Explained by a 16-year-old

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal government from interfering with freedom of speech.  It is well understood that there are exceptions to this freedom, including inciting violence.
August 18, 2017

The Constitution Party Welcomes IOTC’s Mission & Message

Recently, IOTC President Jake MacAulay was invited to speak, along with 2016 Constitution Party Candidate for Vice President, Scott Bradley, at a Constitution Party event in Wisconsin.
August 18, 2017

IOTC on the Road: Highlights from the MO Homeschool Convention

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) had another successful engagement at a homeschool convention in St. Louis Missouri in July. IOTC President Jake MacAulay spoke in numerous breakout sessions about “The American View of Law and Government” and IOTC’s 12-Lecture U.S. Constitution Course.
August 16, 2017

Fake News, Fake Justice, & How to Know What’s Real

I’d like to see introduced into our vocabulary, ‘Fake Justice.’ Just like Fake News and Fake Science, Fake Justice presents itself as being true justice when it is far from it; in fact, it is quite often the exact opposite of true justice.
August 16, 2017

In America, Hate is Taught but the Bible is Not

Restore biblical morality and our land will be healed.
August 10, 2017

IOTC Graduates Turn into Leaders at Ohio Leadership Training

The best news of all – we had a mini-graduation party after class and as the various graduates spoke with me, they shared with me their plans to multiply the message, most by using other IOTC materials (our new course, starting American Clubs, 12-week course, etc.)!  They got it!