Working to End Abortion in Anne Arundel County

People are more than willing to protest the mistreatment of feral cats, but what happened to the people protesting the slaughter of infants? This is the question Michael Poututka poses in a recent campaign video. Peroutka, who is the co-founder of Institute on the Constitution, is running for re-election to the Anne Arundel County Council. He has been working in Arundel County for the last three years to pass legislation that reflects the American View of law and government, and is loyal to the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions. Now he is taking a stand against abortion in Anne Arundel County. Peroutka says,

“We can begin with a resolution acknowledging that pre-birth, children are human beings, and, therefore, legal persons, deserving dignity and respect from conception until natural death. I plan to introduce such a resolution to the council, and I hope to have the full support of my colleagues and the county executive…”

Peroutka is fighting for the lives of the unborn in Anne Arundel County. He is a perfect example of what local governments should be doing all over the country. He is restoring America on the local level, one county at a time.

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