The Truth of America’s Founding Message Multiplied at Ohio Seminar

On Saturday, March 10th & 17th, 2018, another two-day version of the new Truth of America’s Founding: Your Heritage and Mine Seminar was just completed at Faith Baptist Church in Greenville, Ohio.

25 participants were in attendance, and they were eager to learn! There were lots of relevant questions and enthusiastic comments throughout the seminar.

We wish to thank Pastor Bill Baker and Gloria Harpest of Faith Baptist Church for all their work in hosting this seminar at Faith Baptist Church. We also want to thank IOTC team member Keith Threewits for initially bringing the seminar to the Greenville, Ohio area, last year, at a different location. Gloria Harpest attended last year’s seminar and was instrumental in bringing it to Faith Baptist this year.

This is a great example of the “multiplying the message” concept that is so much a part of the IOTC message!

Interested in how you can multiply the message in your community? Start by learning the Truth of America’s Founding: CLICK HERE