The North Dakota Young Republicans Organization

On their trip to the great state of North Dakota, Jake and Michael were able to make inroads into more youth organizations. One such group was The North Dakota Young Republicans organization (NDYR), a chapter of the Young Republican National Federation, pictured with Jake and Michael, is Reed Christiansen and his colleague Caleb. 

NDYR is the young professional arm of the North Dakota Republican Party which represents Republicans who are 18 to 40 years of age, and provides them with a better political understanding and a means by which they can become more involved in self-government. 

Their mission is to advance conservative principles through informative, engaging events, involvement in the political process, and the opportunity for you to hone and improve your leadership skills and meet like-minded individuals at home and across the nation.

Here are just a few things found on their website that they were able to achieve in 2018 alone!
• We were represented in over 40 district conventions.
• We were on the sponsoring Committee for Measure 2, known as North Dakotans for Citizen Voting, which passed by the largest margin of any initiated measure this cycle.
• We held 28 official YR events this year ranging from meet and greets to door knocking blitzes to a couple of wildly successful Politics and a Pint.
• We helped with rules committee for the convention and helped draft the state party platform.
• We were there to spark the energy for the Cramer campaign from the moment he announced. 

• We showed up in force to at least 19 parades to support various statewides and local candidates. From the Uffda day parade in Rutland, to Minot’s State Fair parade to UND’s & NDSU’s homecoming parades.
• YR’s were a part of the tens of thousands of voter contacts through Red Dialer and Advantage Mobile apps. We coordinated with numerous campaigns across the state. Stepping up when called upon. 
• We volunteered at the Trump Rally all 60+ young folks whether it was directing traffic, helping the RNC gather signatures for volunteers, acting as crowd control, handing out rally signs, directing the hoards of people, cheering at the top of our lungs when president Trump talked about Space Force!
• We helped charter ND High School Republicans.

IOTC is alway encouraged when organizations of hungry youth desire to spread the message of Liberty under God with their peers. We look forward to our materials making more inroads into active groups like these.