The duty of the jury is to judge the law and the facts in order to defend our Constitutional Republic, yet Americans have been taught that the jury serves a radically different purpose. Most modern Americans believe that the jury’s duty is to follow the particular instructions of a judge and evaluate “justice” for a plaintiff or defendant in light of the manipulated presentation of evidence in the courtroom. This erroneous view is actually destructive to the very justice for which the role of the jury was established.

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“The Duty of the Jury” course of 6 lessons provides historical context for understanding the proper function of the jury and its power, and to encourage excellent civic participation in this important function. In addition to the lecture presentations, the course fee includes a Student Manual and supplementary materials.

The student will learn that the duty of a jury is to defend the Constitution. For that reason, we recommend taking the U.S. Constitution Course before, or coincident with, this course.

We also recommend that Maryland residents take our Maryland Constitution Course, so that jury duty can be undertaken with full knowledge of the power and responsibility of a juror in the state of Maryland.