Steps To Starting An American Club

Starting a Club

  1. Find a location for your American Club meetings – There are several options to consider. If possible, the meeting location should have an internet connection with sufficient speed to conduct “Skyping” with guest speakers from the IOTC, plus Audio-Visual capabilities to show the Skyping, videos, and slides.
    1. Home School Groups – Find a Home School parent to sponsor the club in his/her home, church or teaching facility, and to use the facility for club meetings.
    2. Private/Christian School Classroom – Find a teacher to sponsor the club in his/her school, and to use a classroom for after-school club meetings.
    3. Public School Classroom – Find a teacher to sponsor the club in his/her school, and to use a classroom for after-school club meetings. (Note: You may encounter resistance from public school personnel on starting an American Club in their building. Please know that you have a First Amendment right to present various viewpoints on topics of interest, and students have a First Amendment right to hear these various viewpoints! As a part of a nationwide effort to promote constitutional literacy, Liberty Counsel, a non-profit litigation, education and policy organization, will stand behind you and your students on these matters at no charge! Liberty Counsel can be reached at and (800) 671-1776.
    4. Local Church – Find a pastor or church leader to sponsor the club in his/her church, and to use a room in the church for club meetings.
    5. Community Building (YMCA, YWCA, Local Library, Grange Hall, etc.) – Find a leader or employee of the building to sponsor the club in his/her building, and to use it for club meetings.
  2. Seek Administrative Approval to Use facility
    1. With the help of your selected sponsor (home school parent, teacher, church member, or other sponsor,) contact the appropriate building administrator to officially request permission to register the club and reserve space for meetings.
    2. Follow procedures outlined by administrator. Include basic information about the club:
      1. Goals and purpose; (See – “Prepared Statement” at bottom of page
        for a listing of purpose and goals of American Clubs)
      2. Proposed structure [officers, advisors, sponsors, meeting days and times, etc. (See bullet point “Structure and Meetings” for more information or click here)
  3. Marketing – Initial Presentation – Steps:
    1. Find key persons from one of the groups listed in Roman Numeral I (above) to help you determine the best way to promote (e.g. school intercom announcements, school newspaper, homeschool co-op meetings, church bulletins or announcements, flyers posted in various locations, hand out American Club brochures) and then schedule a meeting to discuss the American Clubs with that group.
    2. Identify like-minded Patriots in these groups or individuals in your community who have already taken an IOTC course, and ask them to help you promote the American Clubs (e.g. Liberty Group announcements or presentations, Civic group meeting announcements or presentations – like Rotary, AMVETS, Optimists, Lions, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc. – political clubs – Democrat, Republican, Independent)
    3. With the help from the people mentioned in “A” and “B”, make plans to conduct a short American Club presentation to one or more of these groups. This can be as easy as:
      1. Inviting someone from the IOTC Leadership Team – Jake MacAulay, Massey Campos or other IOTC Leader – to make a presentation. Call 866-730-9796 ext. 2
      2. Or do it yourself by using materials prepared for such a presentation (See Letter D. below)
        • Reading a prepared statement by the IOTC. This statement can include the goals and purpose of both the IOTC and the American Clubs, and a testimonial or two from the American Club flyer. (See – “Prepared Statement” at bottom of page)
        • Showing 1-2 YouTubes from our website
          (See Letter D. below)
        • Passing out the American Club flyer with a registration form inside for interested students, parents and other adults to complete.
    4. Go to to find all information related to American Clubs; i.e. goals, purpose, videos, downloadable pdfs of this Training Outline, flyers, registration forms, and more.
    5. The IOTC leadership team (Jake MacAulay, Massey Campos, and local IOTC leaders) stands ready to help you in any way they can.
    6. Don’t stop with one group. Try the above steps with a second group, etc.
  4. Membership Possibilities – After each presentation, collect the completed registration forms within the flyers from students and adults who are interested in learning more about the IOTC and American Clubs. This would be your initial or “potential” membership list. If you have identified persons who have already taken the IOTC, these persons would also be potential leaders, advisors and hosts. Plan to follow up with a phone call or email to each person who completes this registration form.

Prepared Statement
The purpose of the American Club Campus group is to celebrate American culture and values, by allowing anyone from anywhere to speak their beliefs freely and openly, regardless of what those beliefs may be. In other words, to provide a place where all ideologies may be argued in a civil, polite, and orderly fashion.
The goal is to help students understand the original intent of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution by providing them with educational resources, curricula, and qualified speakers. The American Club emphasizes the significance of The American View of Law and Government, but also empowers the students to live their faith with courage and conviction. Students will gain many skills as a result of participating in the club which includes written and oral communication, leadership, organization, and management.
In the words of an IOTC intern, “After I took the U.S. Constitution course my eyes were opened to how sacred and special our Declaration of Independence was; that it wasn’t just fireworks, but rather a sacred document that declared life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to every American and that those rights came from God and were not separated from Him.”