Teacher Sponsor Letter Template

(Name of School) American Club 

Our Club Sponsor (insert name) role as the club sponsor is: to provide the student club members with a room to meet in after school and to supervise the after school meetings.  The sponsor is also tasked with emailing (insert name of Principal) the morning announcements that we plan to run.

The role of the club is:  to celebrate American culture and values, by allowing anyone from anywhere to speak their beliefs freely and openly, regardless of what those beliefs may be. In other words to; provide a place where all ideologies may be argued in a civil, polite, and orderly fashion.

Guest Speakers: To further this notion, we invite guest speakers to our club. We challenge our members to open their minds, listen, and then challenge what the guest speakers have to say. We are a non-partisan club, and therefore always have a vocal opinion from both sides of every argument