Spencerville Church of the Nazarene

A recent week of events took place in the great state of Ohio and started with an invitation from Pastor Tom Shobe to the Spencerville Church of the Nazarene.  Pastor Tom has retired and now serves as an itinerant minister for the Nazarene denomination.  As a military veteran and minister he has committed his time and focus to teaching the American View of law and government becoming an IOTC Chapter leader in his area.
Tom will be brining our teaching courses to the several churches in his district and is currently sponsoring our one day Truth About America’s Founding course dedicated targeting lay people and especially Pastors and Local elected officials.
The response from the Church was amazing and served as a catalyst for the following week of events in its area.  The icing on the cake was the numbers of Individuals who signed up for the upcoming classes!  Even the local newspaper responded favorably to Jake’s appearance in Spencerville.  Not one word about Jake or the IOTC was taken out of context!  God is definitely moving!