The Sheriff & The Citizen with Sheriff Richard Mack

Northern California Chapter Leaders Tammie and Jason Rickard along with The Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots has organized a community event titled “The Sheriff and The Citizen”. This one day seminar being presented in part by Sheriff Richard Mack, published author and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs’ and Peace Officers’ Association, will focus on the constitutional role of the County Sheriff and will serve to educate Sheriff candidates, deputies and citizen supporters of the Sheriff with regard to the significance of the constitutional role of the only elected law enforcement officer in the country.
The position of a Sheriff is one of great importance. The only thing that will make aSheriff more effective for the cause of liberty is a Sheriff who knows that he has the constitutional power to stop tyranny in his county, but how can this power be used for good if the user has no knowledge of its existence? We need to be a educated people who know and use the power that has been given us by the constitution to defend ourselves against the tyranny that plagues our country. We the people have the power, and we need leaders like Sheriffs who know how to use it. Help us educate and raise worthy leaders in our country!
You and your group can start your own sheriffs seminar! Here is how to get started