Ricki Pepin’s Class on the Electoral College

On Monday, November 18, Lyn Bliss, chairwoman of the Darke County, Ohio Republican Women’s group, invited Ricki Pepin, IOTC Instructor, to speak to her group.  There were about 25 people in attendance for the topic – Electoral College or National Popular Vote – Which is Constitutional?  Which is “Fair?”  

All attendees were given a pocket U. S. Constitution so they could read for themselves what the Constitution says about the Electoral College.  No opinions. Just the actual original document along with the history behind it.  There were many surprised people as very few of them actually knew that the original Electoral College did NOT make provision for ANY popular vote of the people.  As those attending learned how much they did NOT know, many were eager to sign up for our 12-week Constitution course so they could learn even more.  

Keith Threewits, IOTC Graduate and Instructor, and Darke County Republican Executive Committee Chairman, graciously volunteered to lead this class, which will take place after the first of the year.  Multiplying the message!  This is our goal.  Thanks, Keith!