Ricki Pepin: Leadership Training

On July 20, 2019, Pastor Jim Britton of Riversong Church, in Springfield, Ohio welcomed Ricki Pepin to conduct an IOTC Leadership Training event.  Approximately 20 people attended, all of whom were very enthusiastic to learn how they could multiply the message they’ve learned in our IOTC courses.  While some people were learning to lead a class from the front of the room, others were wanting to get the tools to share better one-on-one, face to face, or even more far-reaching, online through Facebook or other social media.  

Several leaders are now using Articles and Sections of the U. S. Constitution to enter the debates on social media, rather than simply stating another opinion.  This is having a very interesting effect.  Some people are astounded to hear such an argument and want to know more.  Others are speechless and stop arguing entirely as there is no comeback.  Who could have realized that social media would be an effective tool to get out the truth of America’s founding and legal system?  We want to encourage all students to share the truth of what they have learned with others concerning the American View of law and government.