Recently Anne Arundel County Councilman Michael Peroutka introduced Resolution 30-18.  This Resolution recognizes and declares the humanity of the preborn children and urges the citizens of Anne Arundel County to encourage the humane treatment of all human beings, including reborn children, as well as to promote and defend the dignity of all human life.
Tragically this resolution did not pass.  Below is a short exposition that councilman Peroutka prepared for the wonderful God-fearing Patriots who worked so hard to support this resolution. Also we included the testimony of SueAnn West, an IOTC graduate who testified at the hearing.
Our prayer at Institute on the Constitution is that soon enough Americans will realize the intrinsic value of the God given right to life and they will finally demand it once again in America!

The longer I live the more it’s confirmed for me, “It’s all in the Book.” 


On the evening of September 4th, the Anne Arundel County Council couldn’t make up its collective mind about the obvious.


When presented with a resolution acknowledging and declaring that children in the womb are human beings, they voted 4-3 against.


This begs the question… If they don’t think the life inside of the womb is human, then what species do they think it is?


Despite the fact that the humanity of the pre-born was acknowledged by the President of Planned Parenthood more than 20 years ago, why couldn’t Councilmen Grasso, Pruski, Smith and Trumbauer vote for the obvious?


You see, to admit that preborn children are human beings is to admit that killing them intentionally is murder. 


As I said, “It’s all in the Book.”


In the Book of Romans, Paul describes men who

“…suppress the truth in unrighteousness…Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”


So, Mr. Grasso, Pruski, Smith and Trumbauer have to maintain the foolish,  fictional posture that preborn children are not human.


This is a testimony of woman who came to testify in favor of Resolution:

As a woman I was stunned at the behavior witnessed by my female associates as they testified against Chairman Peroutka’s Resolution 30-18.   In a county so focused recently on protecting dogs, the irony was hard to miss as they exhibited pack mentality and distemper.  One of them was nearly-rabid not only in her deluded, frenzied protection of her ‘right’ to destroy human life, but in repugnant disrespect for the Chairman.   But even more disturbing is that not one of four councilmen (Grasso, Pruski, Trumbauer, Smith) had the vision to see the opportunity Michael Peroutka gave them.  Today’s society unfortunately commands that we must sometimes state the obvious.  This is what Resolution 30-18 did.  It stated the obvious, that pre-born children are indeed human.  Any one or all of these councilmen could have shown leadership.  They could have shown courage.  Most importantly, they could have shown moral integrity.   And they could have shown all of this not only at the county level, but state and national levels as well – paving their own way for whatever future state or national political aspirations they may have had.  But they all failed – miserably.  They failed themselves, and they failed Anne Arundel County.    The last person to testify was a gentleman in a wheel chair who spoke eloquently but also anxiously.  He worried about a future where refusal to recognize the value of human life may also affect him.   Among the moral, God-fearing attendees and testifiers, there was momentary hope that this final, touching plea might reach at least one of the four councilmen.  But a heartbreaking vote moments later revealed none of their hearts were moved.  I fear for the soul of Anne Arundel county.  In that moment we indeed moved from a culture of life to a culture of death.  I also pray for the councilmen that before their judgement day they realize there will be no defense attorney, no jury.  Only sentencing, with no appeal.  Just like abortion.

-SueAnn West