Overcoming Roadblocks


When school administration puts up roadblocks, go straight to the principal. Make your case and do everything you can to “do things by the book.” If that doesn’t work, then go to the students. Show them what you’re dealing with and garner student support. Use social media to raise awareness for the plight of the club. Above all, never lose your composure when dealing with administration. Unsupportive administrators may like nothing more, than to be able to justify their actions by your bad behavior.  


Working with the media can be your best opportunity to get exposure to the American Club message and your group.  Please contact us if you receive any media inquiries.

If your club happens to attract media attention, it is important to make sure that what is being reported is accurate. Stand up for the truth and accept nothing less.

For example, the media printed an inaccurate article about one of our clubs and its members in Boca Raton, Florida. After reading the article, they contacted editors at the paper and made repeated calls to the author of the misleading article. Additionally, one of the club members wrote a letter to the author. Here is a generalized example:

Dear [Editor],

While I was not necessarily “offended” by your article, I do believe it contained some misleading information regarding the Spanish River High School American Club. As a member, I can assure you that the American Club is not just a like-minded congregation of “conservative students,” but rather an unbiased political forum with a tripartisan array of liberal, conservative, and independent viewpoints. Also, while you did write that “some conservative speakers have spoken on campus without incident,” you failed to mention the various liberal speakers hosted by the American Club, including [Democratic Senator]. I will admit that some of [our speakers’] opinions may be considered controversial. However, the American Club is intended to provide a place where all ideologies may be argued in a civil, polite, and orderly fashion. I also add that [said speaker] was no more or less approved than any of our previous speakers, that school administration only claimed procedure was not followed once his political correctness was called into question, and, most importantly, that no error was committed by our faculty sponsor. Furthermore, our club operates with literally no funding, so, put simply, we host whom we can get.



American Club Member


LC-Letterhead-Color-smallerforwebLiberty Counsel is a non-profit law firm who specializes in protecting students’ ability to exercise their first amendment rights on campus. If you come across an unlawful attempt to shut down your group because of your beliefs, opinions, etc., it is of utmost importance to protect your rights. Liberty Counsel will defend your group FREE OF CHARGE.

For example, after the above mentioned American Club members were told by a teacher that they had no first amendment rights on school property and therefore could no longer hold voluntary meetings after school hours on campus, Liberty Counsel was diligent when it came to defending them and within a matter of weeks allowed for them to continue their meetings with their first amendment rights intact.

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