Our Curriculum is Making inroads to more Public schools!

Doug and Tera both attend one of our West Coast Flagship Churches, The Church of Glad Tidings. Just listen to this story: 


We always look forward to your visits to Glad Tidings. I always appreciate your knowledge of and passion for what you do and feel it’s an incredible and much needed pursuit. Wanting to ensure our kids were properly educated in this area, last year we purchased one of your student course kits with the intent to eventually integrate it into each of our four kids studies.
My wife desired to use the student course kit for part of my daughter’s college prep Social Studies/Civics class curriculum. Per my understanding, my wife approached the school’s “highly qualified teacher” for history/social studies to enquire as to whether or not the school would recognize this course for college prep credit for my oldest daughter who will be a high school senior next year. After reviewing the course material the teacher was very impressed and in fact commented that he wished he could integrate it into the main curriculum. While the school can’t officially recognize the course material, he’s agreed my daughter can use the material as an independent study program, during which they will meet and or discuss weekly her studies for the given period; We’re excited about this development and plan for each of our kids to do the same!

There you have it!  Take the Constitution courses and share them with your children and share them with their school.  Help fan the flame of liberty!