Michael Peroutka and the Spokane County

Our very own, Michael Anthony Peroutka, travelled to Spokane county, Washington. He met with Bob Peck in a fantastic meet and greet with the Constitution party located there. Here’s the story as told from the eyes of Bob Peck, himself.

Our local Constitution Party group held a meet and greet, Q&A, dinner for Michael tonight. State Representative Matt Shea stopped by. He couldn’t stay, but wanted to come just to pay respect to Michael. They had a good personal visit for a few minutes, then we got a picture of him with Michael – and one with me too. The older couple in the middle of the group photo are Ted and Sharon Baker. Ted is the leader of our Spokane County CP group. The guy in the suite and tie behind them is Caleb Collier, the area John Birch Society representative who previously served a term on the Spokane Valley City Council.

The dinner was a smashing success. The comradery given from fellow patriots was greatly appreciated. It gives encouragement to know that there is a great multitude of true Americans out there who are not ready to stand idly by. Please, we encourage you to become verbal about your support for the cause. Click here to order a course and begin teaching to your fellow Americans. One thousand mile journeys begins with one step.