Michael Peroutka Addresses Maryland Constitution Party Meeting In Westminster, Carrol

In his remarks, Michael, the national Constitution Party candidate for President in 2004, called for “true Constitutional government in Maryland.” He contrasted the pagan view of government with the Biblical view. The former, he pointed out, is based on evolution, teaches and believes: The State is divine; State authority is unlimited. This leads to worship of the State and results in tyranny.

Whereas, the Biblical (Constitutional) view of government, based on Creation, is that: The State (civil government) is divinely ordained and under God; State authority is limited (by God). This leads to patriotism and a republic (small “r”), a republican (small “r”) form of government.

Michael emphasized that there is no need to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s pro-abortion Roe vs. Wade decision because it is not the law. And it is not the “law” because only Congress can legislate. He also discussed other parts of the U.S. Constitution.

Michael can be reached at michael@dev.theamericanview.com.

Other speakers at this meeting were: Eric Knowles, 2010 Constitution Party of Maryland Gubernatorial candidate who spoke about his experience running for office and how grateful he was to have the opportunity to do so. His email address is ofbyandforthepeople1776@gmail.com.

Also speaking was Richard Shawver, 2010 Constitution Party of Maryland Senate candidate, who is looking forward to running for incumbent Senator Ben Cardin’s seat in 2012. His email address is rs4senator@aol.com

Michael Anthony Peroutka
Michael Anthony Peroutka
A Christian and an attorney, Michael Anthony Peroutka is co-founder of Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), headquartered in Pasadena, Maryland. He is a graduate of Loyola College (now University) in Maryland and the University of Baltimore School of Law. The Constitution Party’s candidate for President in 2004, Michael had a platform which sought to honor God, protect the family, and restore the Republic. The platform came to be known as “The American View of Law and Government,” and inspired the name of his website, TheAmericanView.com. Michael travels around the country, graduating classes from IOTC’s course on the United States Constitution, in addition to teaching classes in IOTC’s Pasadena, Maryland classroom.