Here are just a couple of our chapter leaders in Central Florida. Meet Tom and Carole Hayes. These two Christian Patriots are an amazing couple. They are personally responsible for over 100 graduates from our US Constitution Course. Their efforts to find and recruit teachers is a perfect example of allowing the Lord to use your availabilities. They are perfectly capable of teaching the classes themselves, which they do, but they have found it more effective to train and recruit leaders.  While Jake and Joshua were in town they took the time to bring them out to a famous Florida Dolphins show. 
Meet one of Tom and Carole’s recruits,  pictured with Joshua and Jake MacAulay, Professor Ron Von Behren, who currently teaches at Valencia College in Central Florida. He just graduated a few dozens students and is now teaching a class of over 40 students and adults!
We are so grateful for the sacrificial, tireless efforts of our Chapter leaders and ask that you remember to pray for these patriots and all those the Lord has positioned around the country who are spreading the message of Liberty under God!
We encourage you to step out, ask the Lord to use you, and just see what He will do.