Wherever we look today we find corruption. This is not surprising in a culture that has rejected God as the Source of Law and Government.

Indeed, at every level of government, our laws are being broken by the very people we entrust with the power to enforce them.

And with each immoral expansion of government power, we are left with less liberty.
Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” And vigilance is precisely what we now need to practice — diligently and locally.

Our local officials, including our Sheriff, our States Attorney, our Police Chief, our County executive and our County Councilmen are our last line of defense against perverted, overreaching government.

Regrettably, we too often find that our local champions, who are duty bound to interpose on our behalf, are compromised in their duties by their acceptance of bribes from Federal and State agencies in the form of grants. Accepting these grant monies is like the mouse taking the cheese. As soon as he gets the first bite, the clamp in on his neck and his liberty is lost.

If we cherish our liberty and love our country, we must immediately get focused and involved in county council activities. We must become knowledgeable of their deliberations and actions and we must insist that they NOT accept any grant monies from Federal or State agencies.

When they take this green cheese, it’s our head that they put into the trap.

Your Local Last Line of Defense:

County Sheriff

Chief of Police for County or City Police Department

County Executive


County/City Council or County/City Commissioners

State’s Attorney or District Attorney

Michael Anthony Peroutka
Michael Anthony Peroutka
A Christian and an attorney, Michael Anthony Peroutka is co-founder of Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), headquartered in Pasadena, Maryland. He is a graduate of Loyola College (now University) in Maryland and the University of Baltimore School of Law. The Constitution Party’s candidate for President in 2004, Michael had a platform which sought to honor God, protect the family, and restore the Republic. The platform came to be known as “The American View of Law and Government,” and inspired the name of his website, TheAmericanView.com. Michael travels around the country, graduating classes from IOTC’s course on the United States Constitution, in addition to teaching classes in IOTC’s Pasadena, Maryland classroom.