Liberty Camp for Kids

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is launching partnerships with churches and liberty groups all across America to start Liberty Camps for 7-12 year olds! Similar to a Vacation Bible School, this camp will give youth an interactive learning experience of colonial America. It will teach the next generation about the colonial Christian heritage we have in America and how that heritage permeates and underlines our form of government. We want you to be encouraged and would love to help you reach this upcoming generation that we all know needs to be taught!

Highlights to Experience

  • God’s role in the creation of our beloved country.
  • Visually travel through time learning about the story of the Magna Carta; King John Lackland (who was the brother of Richard the Lionhearted), first translation of the Bible, first printing press and the stories that go with each of these. We then look at the hardships the Pilgrims had to endure as we travel the road from tyranny to liberty.
  • You will be making butter as the colonists had to do, grind corn to use for their bread and feed their animals, learning about the work the children had to do and play games the children played.
  • In rebellion to the excessive taxes King George III levied on the colonists, you will dress as the patriots did in Indian costumes, go to the ship and toss ALL the tea into the sea.
  • You will feel what Gen. Washington’s men felt as they crossed the Delaware River and marched to Trenton in their bare feet because our young country had no money to buy them shoes.

Starting a Liberty Camp

First and foremost prayer! God’s guidance is the first and most important thing you can have.

  • Prayerfully consider a leadership team or development Board
  • Facility: A church, school, barn, or farm with a shelter and other meeting areas.
  • You will need a Finance Chair and checking account: The need to purchase certain articles for the camp will require this.
  • You will need a Fundraising Chair: because there will be a need to purchase items for the camp financial partners will be necessary (i.e. Concerned Veterans for America, church, or patriot group)
  • Colonial wardrobe for the different characters that will teach and interact with students.
  • Snack food preparation: Individual(s) who can prepare different snacks for the students.
  • Christian patriotic novelty items that students can purchase with their gold coins.
  • You may need insurance depending on the facility.
  • You may want to get background checks for volunteers
  • A five lesson Curriculum is available upon request.
  • Ages 7-12 are the primary target ages

For more information please contact us at 866-730-9796 or email

General Format of the Camp

Day One: “Colonial Life”
We will start our journey all the way back in 1215 AD by learning about the Magna Carta and its impact over 500 years later on the founding of America. We then will learn about Jamestown Colony, John Smith, Pocahontas, and Reverend Robert Hunt, whose skeletal remains were uncovered at Jamestown! Then we will learn about the Pilgrims, their life in Holland before coming to America, the Mayflower Compact, and the hardships they faced in the New World. For the activity, children will grind corn between bricks and make butter and use the butter for a snack. The children will be given burlap coin pouches and begin to earn gold coins.

Day Two: “The Rebellion”
We will learn about events leading up to the Revolutionary War, such as the Boston Massacre, taxes, and the Boston Tea Party. Peter Muhlenberg will tell his story and the story of The Black Robe Regiment. King George will arrive to tax the campers. Campers will become the Sons of Liberty, dress like Indians, board a “ship” and throw all the tea overboard. We will learn the history of oatmeal cookies, and have oatmeal cookies with iced tea.

Day Three: “The Revolutionary War”
Campers will learn about key battles, the winters at Valley Forge and Foxy Hollow, the role of the militia and the minutemen, and about the uniforms and equipment. Campers will feel for themselves what it was like for soldiers to march through snow and ice with nothing but rags on their feet because there was no money to buy shoes. King George will wander in to one of the stations to tax campers. Our Continental soldiers will run him off at the points of their bayonets, thus saving the campers from being taxed – at least for the time being. (An impromptu lesson on the Second Amendment?) We will have pretzels and root beer for our snack while we learn the history of the Gadsden Flag.

Day Four: “The Constitution”
We will learn about the Constitution and events following the Revolutionary War. Miss Liz Baker will appear to tell the story of her Patriot ancestor. Our activity will be the “Tootsie Roll tax,” which taught campers the difference between redistribution of wealth and charity.

Day Five: “Family Night”
Highlighted by a potluck/picnic, we will learn about the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Store, and play Patriot Dodge Ball. Campers will use quill pens to sign their own Declaration of Independence. We will do an experiment with baking soda and vinegar to learn the meaning of “the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.”