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July 26, 2017

IOTC Graduates to be on BBC Fall of 2017 Covering Wickard vs. Filburn Supreme Court Case

Anyone who has taken IOTC's U.S. Constitution Course may question the title of the program, calling America a "Democracy." Don't worry, Pepin set the interviewer - a Cambridge University History Teacher - straight by informing him that America was actually established as a Republic, not a Democracy.
July 26, 2017

Introducing Kids to Liberty: A Special Thanks

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) would like to give a special thank you to those in Piqua, Ohio who had an OUTSTANDING Liberty Camp this summer! Every single camper stated they want to return next […]
July 21, 2017

The Purpose of Civil Government Taught in Church? (VIDEO)

Highlights included: Speaking to approximately 300 people at two church services about the American View of law and government Teen Challenge students were guests. Many had never heard a message about the importance of Christianity and its relation to America's founding documents.
July 21, 2017

Reviving Our Foundations in Michigan with Arline Helms & Jake MacAulay

Students as young as 14, parents, and grandparents were all in attendance. Students learned concepts like: pretended legislation, all law must conform to the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God," and courts and executive orders do not have legislative authority.
July 12, 2017

Vision Fulfilled: Teaching the Constitution at Independence Hall

Recently, using IOTC's 12-Lecture U.S. Constitution Course, he fulfilled his vision inside an exact replica of Philadelphia's Independence Hall; where the ideas of the Declaration and the U.S. Constitution were birthed.
July 12, 2017

Ohio + Ricki Pepin = Liberty for All

Pepin's teaching experience and faith in God led her once again to educate 30 more students using IOTC's U.S. Constitution Course. Adding to the growing number of over 3,500 IOTC U.S. Constitution Course graduates.
July 4, 2017

North Carolina Pastors & Church Leaders Embrace the American View of Law and Government

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) President Jake MacAulay joined IOTC Chapter Leaders Brian and Janice Snyder in Siler City, NC last month to present the American View of law and government to many North Carolina pastors and church leaders.
June 28, 2017

Citizens for St. Croix Valley Welcome IOTC & the American View of Government

The presentation was held in the classic Hudson House Theater in Hudson, WI where Jake was well received; and many who attended left with IOTC's Liberty Tools to implement in their homes and neighborhoods.
June 28, 2017

IOTC U.S. Constitution Course Graduate Awarded for Activism

Thank you to IOTC for teaching me so well and always giving me confidence!
June 19, 2017

Business Leaders Cling to the American View of Law and Government

As anticipated, it was a diverse crowd with many contrasting viewpoints. But one thing was certain that afternoon: the overwhelming agreement was that abandoning America’s fundamental God-given rights is something the community of Alexandria is NOT willing to do.