Karol Kapelle and the American View in a Public School

How do we stem the tide of unbiblical and unconstitutional thinking?  You find a local public school and teach the Institute on the Constitution Course.  That is what Michael and Jake did during their last visit to North Dakota.
How did they do it?  Very practically.  Karol Kapelle, a local Pastor’s wife who runs the North Dakota Homeschool association called her cousin who works in a local public school and told her that she had some Constitution experts in town.  The history teacher who teaches the subject said, “Bring them in, we would love to have them!”  Just like that we came in and taught four lectures without any problems or complaints.  Many of the students now follow us as well!
Practical and tactical: that’s how you spread the American View.  There is a God, Our Rights Come From Him, and the Purpose of Civil Government is to Secure God Given Rights!
 Watch the in town video here.