I’d like to give a big thank you to Pastors Jeff and Karol Kapelle for putting this speaking tour together! IOTC Founder, Michael Anthony Peroutka, and President, Jake MacAulay, attended this year’s 2019 North Dakota Homeschool Convention at the Jamestown Civic Center in Jamestown, ND and were well received!

If you follow the American View blog, you probably are already aware that both Michael and Jake travel the country with Institute on the Constitution speaking at schools, conventions, conservative events, community events, and more.

At the ND homeschool convention, Michael and Jake presented a “Teen Track” which extended into two days of intense Biblical Constitutional learning. Students who attended received 1/2 of there Civics credit and now will complete our Self-study course at their homes to receive the full credit. For more information about how you can take this wonderful course and receive a civics credit please follow this link. https://www.instituteontheconstitution.com  

Along with the Teen Track, Jake was able to present two other presentations: 

  • Rebels and Prodigals God Can Rescue Them (The testimony of Jake MacAulay)
  • The Homeschooling Dad 

to watch Jake’s full-length live presentation & bring him to your community: CLICK HERE