Jack Hamlett is a historical interpreter who acts as our founding fathers in presentations he does in various locations! This is a message from him displaying his work!
Here is a video of a presentation we did at a so-called “conservative”
political group’s monthly meeting in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  This is
a full program similar to what we do at churches….and really wherever we
can go:)  Now I do vary the programs… portraying different
ministers… George Whitefield, John Wesley, the Muhlenbergs, Martin
Luther, etc. though so far Whitefield is the one we portray the most
often.  One homeschooling group had us do a program on the Mayflower
Pilgrims as another example.  Generally, we find ourselves emphasizing
above everything else (1) real salvation by grace through Jesus Christ and
(2) obeying God’s laws no matter what the civil government via a state
governor, a state legislature, or the Supreme Court, etc. says.Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaTnRDp057Y&t=4651s