Recently Halley Moak joined a session at the Colorado Homeschool Convention where Jake taught lectures 1 – 4 of our 12 lecture US Constitution Course. 
Little did we know that Halley was the winner of the 2016 constituting America essay. 
Her 3 minute song regarding focusing on “The Bill of Rights” was excellent. The song must be an original pop, country, rock, or other popular genre, song composition, lyrics and music, written by the student, no longer than 3:20!
She studied piano and music theory and plays the ukulele. Halley keeps busy with her nine chickens, two Schnauzers and three horses. She enjoys riding the trails, participating in the rodeo and is a committed hunter/jumper equestrian athlete. Halley loves history and is a past Best Elementary Poem winner.
We would love for any of your children to enter this contest and take home a prize! Do so at-