IOTC Chapter Leader Graduates Another Class

DiAnn Cole is an Institute on the Constitution Chapter Leader from Ohio who has graduated numerous U.S. Constitution Course classes, but after being introduced to this co-op by IOTC President Jake MacAulay, she stepped in to teach and now will be teaching another group in January 2018!

A note from DiAnn:

I was blessed with an opportunity this fall to teach the IOTC course to a group of Home School students.  Faith Life Educators is a home school co-op affiliated with Faith Life Church in Johnstown, Ohio.  Four students enrolled and just finished this week.  Jake MacAulay visited the Co-op in November and taught one of the lectures.  As an IOTC instructor since 2013, I told Conley and the girls that it was two years before I got to meet the video instructor, and they got to meet Jake before they finished the class!  It was a great experience for me, though I have had teenagers take the class with their parents, it was the first class of all high school age students. -DiAnn Cole

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Elizabeth Schomburg
Elizabeth Schomburg
Elizabeth Schomburg is a stay-at-home mother of two with a love for blogging, PR, Bible-journaling, and American History. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two young children.