Illinois Chapter Leader Candace Donnelly and Another Group of Graduates

Illinois Chapter Leader Candace Donnelly graduated another group of students…This is how it all started.

Several years ago, I was listening weekly to Michael Anthony Peroutka on the radio discussing the U.S. Constitution. He highlighted the distinctiveness of our founding documents and emphasized the Founders’ dependence upon God, using their own words, not just opinion.  I searched the Institute on the Constitution on the web and decided to order the course for myself. At first, I tried to go through the course on my own, and, while the material was very interesting, I needed a group setting. Several months later, the Institute on the Constitution offered a virtual class. I took the course again via live streaming and joined with others from all over the USA who shared my interest in government. I was hooked. Several months later, I began to teach the course in my home to older homeschool teens and a college student. Jake MacAulay spoke at our graduation ceremony. Afterward, one of the moms in attendance invited me to apply as a faculty member of a large Christian homeschool community nearby.  Additionally, three 80-somethings took the course in my home and subsequently held a luncheon to introduce their friends to IOTC. That’s how it works— one inspired American leading another.

The IOTC staff is very supportive with ideas, helps, encouragement, and supplemental videos. They have assembled a manual that guides you every step of the way. Jake even taught the amendments to my first teen class live via Face Time. If I can teach this class so can you! I invite you to take the course. The upcoming election provides a great incentive for people to learn the American View of law and government. Remember, the Institute on the Constitution offers full-time support at their 866-730-9796 number, and they even send their representatives nationwide to assist you with your courses and graduations! Come and be a part of restoring America to its foundations!