Heritage Class in Ohio

Institute on the Constitution’s Ricki Pepin is at it again!

On Saturday, November 17, Robin Dodge and Skippi Cross of Greater Dayton Women’s Group hosted a “Truth of America’s Founding – Your Heritage and Mine” seminar in Dayton, Ohio.  The participants were very lively and talkative.  Their enthusiasm has already birthed plans for a 12-week Constitution class at a local Springfield, Ohio church.  This group was truly made up of the “movers and shakers.”  One participant, Donna Hughes, has taken several of our courses and loves to use social media to introduce the U. S. Constitution, article and section, into conversations previously filled only with opinions.  Her results are encouraging – everything from stopping the debate cold, to astonished people saying they’d never heard arguments from the Constitution before and how interesting that is!  Graduates from our courses truly learn how to USE what they’ve learned.


Who can you speak with to bring a class to your neighborhood? The Constitution can’t defend itself, but we most certainly can teach others how to defend it and begin to restore these principles to America once again!