Freedom Fellowship Church of the Villages

Pastor Melvin & Lili Whittington of Freedom Fellowship Church of the Villages in Lady Lake, FL, host a monthly God and Government service. When Pastor Mel found out that Jake and his daughter were going to be in town, they jumped at the opportunity to share with their congregation a biblical and prophetic message of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how it relates to our modern times in America. After the service, these patriots graciously supported the ministry with the anticipation that our message will continue to make headway all over America!

Jake explained, “Often times, in my travels across America, I meet countless people that are so discouraged that so few Pastors resonate with Biblical Constitutional messages. Well, I am happy to announce men like Pastor Melvin are all over this country, and they are standing strong with all of us. They desire to see God glorified even in the fire.”

Live stream of the sermon video here.