America’s Founders and Framers

FounderBiosIt is essential that all Americans have a foundational understanding of freedom and liberty, and that these gifts are given by God. Part of our mission at the IOTC, is to help individuals across America to understand their own history, and to learn and fully appreciate their own heritage by reacquainting them with the worldview and vision of our Founders.

This section includes short biographies of many figures from the early history of our country which include both their sacrifices and accomplishments. The distinction of the Founders and the Framers is made to distinguish between two eras that are usually viewed holistically. There are many significant figures who are included in both groups such as George Washington, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

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The Founders are defined as the religious leaders, political agitators and statesmen who stood against tyranny taking great risks personally and financially. This group of men founded the Committees of Correspondence, signed the Declaration of Independence, served as delegates to the Continental Congressparticipated in the War for Independence, and drafted the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. They worked together to ensure their sovereignty.

The Framers include those that drafted, debated, and signed the Constitution and then served as appointed or elected officials in the newly created federal government. This group includes both the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists who were instrumental in determining the limitations of the federal government. The Framers also include those early officials who established the traditions and protocols in the administration of the young republic.

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