First Friday Lecture Series

In our effort to equip citizens with the principles for restoring our Constitutional Republic, Institute on the Constitution sponsors speakers and events. Our First Fridays series, held on the first Friday evening of the month, features dedicated experts in their respective fields.

The First Friday Lecture Series is held in person at our Maryland Chapter Classroom, however, anyone in the country ( indeed, in the world) can “attend” the Lecture Series virtually through an unlisted YouTube Live Event. Simply register for the Lecture in our online store by clicking “Products/Registration/First Friday Series.” From there you can choose to register for the Lecture either In-Classroom or Webcast. Once you have registered for your Live Webcast event, you will receive a YouTube link via email from our office. That link will allow you to view and participate in the First Friday Lecture Series at the time of the event. (Please note that if you want to interact with the classroom, you will need to login with a gmail account.)

Upcoming First Friday Trailer

September 7, 2018

September First Friday: Healthcare and the Constitution

The mathematics of Constitutional representation will cover the clear plan our founders had for representation in the House of Representatives. That plan went off the rails early in the twentieth century. Is it possible to fix it?