Delaware Chapter Leader Larry Mayo at it Again!

Delaware Chapter Leader, Larry Mayo, (front right) has graduated another class of Constitutionists in the “First State,” currently the land of the Bidens. Let’s be thankful that this group of Delaware citizens is learning to value and uphold the Constitution rather than ignore or dismantle it.  This is one of many groups that Larry has personally taught and now his educating is expanding into schools and Churches!  
Joining this group of graduates is Senate hopeful, Mark Turley.  Having graduated our 12-lecture US Constitution Course, we can be hopeful that, if elected, he will be bringing a good dose of the Constitution to the Capital Hill that they haven’t seen for some time from America’s “First State”.

So, thank you, Larry and Mark, for taking a noticeable stand against the anti-constitutional environment perpetrated by the Bidens! May God bring you and your heveanly mission through to completion.