Deborah Ross’ Thoughts on Taking Action With Her Newfound Knowledge

Below is an essay from one of Ricki Pepin’s recent graduates, Deborah Ross, from the West Carrollton, Ohio IOTC class, completing the writing assignment in Lesson 11 – The most important thing I can do as a result of this course is…

Let’s hear what she has to say…

The most important thing I can do as a result of this course:

I have never been particularly interested in history or politics.  However, when I learned that this class was to be offered at my church I wanted to attend.  I have become concerned about decisions being made in this country and I thought I should get a better understanding of the foundation of our government.

I have learned more than I ever was taught during my school history and government classes, including that the basis of our republic is the Bible.  And I attended a Catholic high school!

This class has familiarized me with resources not only to understand our government but also to get involved to preserve our republic the way our Founding Fathers intended. 

I have already become a more informed citizen looking at current events with a discerning eye to see how laws, actions, and proposed legislation can affect our liberty. I intend to be more vocal with my state and federal congressmen about decisions to be made in the legislature.   This may be through phone calls, letters, or joining with local groups to present the case for preserving our unalienable rights.  I will evaluate political candidates and support those who defend the Constitution with my vote, financial donations, and campaigning.

Deborah Ross

Bellbrook, Ohio