Constitutional Sheriff Interposes on Behalf of the People

Amidst the swelling sea of federal tyranny in America, there are sparkling drops of hope for a peaceful return to liberty.

One such shimmering ray of hope is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. This group of peace officers and supporters are dedicated to upholding the oath that they took before God to support and defend the Constitution.

Many Sheriffs are coming to recognize and to act upon their duty to interpose on behalf of their constituents when their rights are denied or when they are harassed by agents of federal or state government.

For example, recently in El Dorado County, California, Sheriff John D’Agostini, received numerous complaints from his constituents claiming that they were being harassed by federal officials when they entered El Dorado National Forest.

One man reported that he was cuffed and forced to stand in the snow while an officer dumped his luggage, sifted through his clothing and finally confiscated his camping hatchet, and threatened to arrest him for “possession of a weapon on federal property.”

Fed up with the repeated harassment his constituents were experiencing in the national forest within his county, Sheriff D’Agostini informed the feds patrolling the forest that their powers there were suspended.

Though many don’t realize it, the county sheriff, since he is elected by the people, is the chief law enforcement officer in the county.

We applaud the sheriff for his act of interposition against the tyrant on behalf of “we the people.”

Michael Anthony Peroutka
Michael Anthony Peroutka
A Christian and an attorney, Michael Anthony Peroutka is co-founder of Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), headquartered in Pasadena, Maryland. He is a graduate of Loyola College (now University) in Maryland and the University of Baltimore School of Law. The Constitution Party’s candidate for President in 2004, Michael had a platform which sought to honor God, protect the family, and restore the Republic. The platform came to be known as “The American View of Law and Government,” and inspired the name of his website, Michael travels around the country, graduating classes from IOTC’s course on the United States Constitution, in addition to teaching classes in IOTC’s Pasadena, Maryland classroom.