I was able to speak to 7-12th graders at the Community Christian High School in Wilmer, Minnesota. The students are truly part of the restoration in America. Their history teacher, Mr. Mike Elmhurst, teaches the American View every day to his history students.

One little girl asked a few hard questions regarding abortion. For example, “If the life of the mother and the child are in danger should they abort the child?” I followed up with the question regarding abortion on demand.  The principal and his letter to me responded to that discussion below.


I got caught up here at the school this morning and was not able to make it to the lunch presentation at The Oaks.  I pray that it went well and was well received.

I want to thank you for coming out to CCS today.  The presentation was fantastic.  I thought you did a great job responding to the questions from our students.  I was surprised by the abortion question.  It is proof that we can no longer assume that all of our students are coming to us with the same worldview.  I was glad that she felt comfortable asking the question.  We are working hard to create an environment where students feel safe to ask questions and express their views so they can be addressed in light of Scripture.  May God bless you and the work that He has called you to.  You are welcome back to CCS any time.  Merry Christmas.