Pastor David Whitney is active in the homeschool movement as father of three and leading a church deeply committed to helping families accomplish the homeschooling mission. There are currently 85 families in their homeschool umbrella organization. He also serves as the Senior Instructor of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), an educational outreach and curriculum that presents the founders’ Biblical view of law and government.  IOTC’s U.S. Constitution Course accommodates the required High School Civics and US Government Credit.  Along with thousands of graduates in all 50 states your student will acquire a full understanding of the Biblical principles on which America’s founding documents are based.

David co-hosts the talk show ‘We The People, The Constitution Matters’, he is an ordained minister and has spoken to audiences nation-wide, and he has authored courses on the Duty of the Jury, Foundational Principles of Freedom, The Federalist verses the Anti-Federalists, the Maryland Constitution and the Anne Arundel County Charter seeking to take back America one county at a time. These courses are used by many homeschoolers in developing the leaders needed to restore our land.

David has been seen on Yahoo News, Fox News, The Blaze, AP, CBS, NBC,The Weekly Standard, and more…david

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March 22, 2017

Marriage is No Business of the State

As a pastor today, I will not conduct a marriage ceremony for anyone who is marrying utilizing a State issued marriage license. Family and church must take back the ground unrighteously surrendered in the past 100 years.
March 14, 2017
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The War On Western Culture

It was not by chance that the so called sexual revolution took place in the sixties as well as the wide spread use of mind altering drugs, the “legalization” of easy divorce and the incessant drum beat against God’s Law.
March 9, 2017
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Homosexual Heresy Battling A Flower Shop in Washington

In 2013, a multi-year repeat customer asked her to provide the floral arrangements for his upcoming homosexual un-wedding ceremony. Mrs. Stutzman politely refused, explaining it would violate her religious beliefs on marriage. The homosexual “couple" responded by firing off a lawsuit against her with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union.
March 1, 2017
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Roe Verses Wade is Based Off Lies: Roe Admitted It, the Bible Confirmed It

Her name was not Roe, she was Norma McCorvey. She gave birth to the “Roe” baby in June 1970 almost three years before the Supreme Court opinion was written. What did Norma do after giving birth she gave her daughter to a loving adoptive family. She chose life.
February 22, 2017

“Bribery” of a President and the Emoluments clause of the Constitution

One thing is clear, the Word of God speaks to this issue, the issue of bribery, and we should be on guard against bribery in every form. I wonder if perhaps the pay to play of the Clinton Foundation should be investigated and the former Secretary of State put in the dock for violating the Emoluments clause of the Constitution.
February 15, 2017

George Soros’ America

What we need in America today is godly character - a restoration of those character traits which made America Great, those traits which underly a truly good and useful government, strong families, strong churches a culture which honors that which is honorable, righteous and good.