Past Events

Another class has graduated our US Constitution course in the great state of Ohio! As most of know Institute on the Constitution strives to develop strategic relationships with as many Churches as we can.  One of those relationships was developed a number of years ago with IOTC graduate, Bishop Joh Brodoski, of the North American Lutheran Church.  
IOTC instructor Jeff Lutz (pictured with Jake) has co-founded a group called the “Faith of Our Fathers” that is dedicated to educating Christians with  The American View in his local area. This groups meets weekly at the Church at Mill Run the NALC headquarters. After a great meeting with a group of IOTC graduates, Bishop Bradosky made the following remarks: “Thanks be to God!  May the Lord continue to bless this important work. The lack of education regarding our heritage undermines both the witness of the Church and threatens to destabilize our nation.”
We are grateful for these tremendous relationships and opportunities to spread the message of Government under God, and we value the prayer and support that you give to help us expand this outreach!
November 17, 2018

Faith of our Fathers

We value the prayer and support that you give to help us expand this outreach!
November 17, 2018

Greene County Tea Party

First we educate, then we activate our students many of whom wind up in public office!
May 24, 2018

Americans Discover their Heritage for the First Time!

   On April 22nd, 36 Ohioans, hungry to learn of the nation’s foundation upon Biblical principles, attended The Truth of America’s Founding: Your Heritage and Mine seminar at The Church at Farmersville with facilitators Ricki Pepin and Ellen Horton. […]
May 24, 2018

A Wildfire of Liberty in Western Ohio

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Kevin & Kathy Lantz hosted a three-pronged IOTC event: A graduation/reunion/outreach. The event took place at their church, The Covenant at Sugar Grove, in Tipp City, Ohio. More than 70 people attended a combination […]