Dennis Crouch and the dedicated Greene County Tea Party had Jake MacAulay, CEO, of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) return again this year to talk at the Greene County Tea Party Public Meeting on September 25. An expert on the constitution and a dynamic speaker, he will speak on the Judiciary, including the Supreme Court. He will also speak on the history of the Bill of Rights; focusing on the Second through the Tenth Amendment, their original purpose in restricting the power of the federal government. You’ll recognize the historic and usurpations of judicial power, and the misconception that Supreme Court decisions are the “law of the land.”

Numerous graduates were present along with IOTC Chapter leaders and amazing Patriot Women, Ellen Horton and Ricki Pepin.  Pictured with Jake and Ricki is a local representative and IOTC graduate Bill Dean.  First we educate, then we activate our students many of whom wind up in public office!

November 17, 2018

Greene County Tea Party

First we educate, then we activate our students many of whom wind up in public office!
September 7, 2018

September First Friday: Healthcare and the Constitution

The mathematics of Constitutional representation will cover the clear plan our founders had for representation in the House of Representatives. That plan went off the rails early in the twentieth century. Is it possible to fix it?
May 24, 2018

Americans Discover their Heritage for the First Time!

   On April 22nd, 36 Ohioans, hungry to learn of the nation’s foundation upon Biblical principles, attended The Truth of America’s Founding: Your Heritage and Mine seminar at The Church at Farmersville with facilitators Ricki Pepin and Ellen Horton. […]
May 24, 2018

A Wildfire of Liberty in Western Ohio

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, Kevin & Kathy Lantz hosted a three-pronged IOTC event: A graduation/reunion/outreach. The event took place at their church, The Covenant at Sugar Grove, in Tipp City, Ohio. More than 70 people attended a combination […]