Become a Chapter Leader



“The harvest is in the hand of the Lord, but you have to plow your row.” 

– Michael Anthony Peroutka, Founder, Institute on the Constitution


For many years now, a significant number of you have been faithfully “plowing your row” in aid of the ministry and mission of the Institute on the Constitution. By hosting and by teaching, and by facilitating the teaching of IOTC classes and special events, you have demonstrated your love for God and for your country and your commitment to Godly and Constitutional civil government.

The encouraging result of your efforts is that we have already experienced a great harvest. IOTC classes have been held in all fifty states and efforts to educate the younger generation through American Clubs in public schools and through home schooling networks have grown exponentially during the past year.

We are grateful to you beyond our ability to express.

And since your service is so crucial to our shared mission we want to take another step to partner with you to provide as much assistance as we can.

Following much discussion and deliberation, we have developed the concept of IOTC Chapter Leaders.

Who is a Chapter Leader?

A person who has made the decision to use their God-given talent, time and treasure to aid in the restoration of the American Constitutional Republic by means of learning and sharing the Biblical, foundational principles of liberty on which America was founded.

What does a Chapter Leader do?

  • A Chapter Leader acts as a coordinator for any groups or individuals that want to start teaching, or taking IOTC courses in your area and/or state.
  • A Chapter Leader acts as a resource for individuals looking to have a speaker come share at their Church, civil, political, or school group.
  • Working with our National office, a Chapter Leader will be informed by and help distribute action alerts, newsletters, and phone calls spreading the mission and vision of IOTC.
  • A Chapter Leader serves as a mentor who will be available to discuss and develop ideas and methods to encourage others to learn and share the American View of law, liberty and government.
  • A Chapter Leader helps to develop and direct chapter projects applying The American View to local situations and needs.

What are the qualifications of a Chapter Leader?

  • An IOTC Chapter Leader MUST be a graduate of our US Constitution Course.
  • A Chapter Leader must demonstrate a desire to share the knowledge he/she has learned with others.
  • IOTC will vet each applicant for chapter leadership before approval. Co-chapter leadership positions are also available and encouraged to enhance the strength and viability of new chapters.

What else is involved?

We want you to be part of the inner circle of IOTC communications, events, resources, and new products. We will work to promote your events in your area with individuals that are in our database and help you secure special speakers for events you sponsor.

  • We will create an email address for individuals to contact you.
  • Your contact info (email is fine) would be shared on our website
  • You will occasionally share pictures and articles of your events for IOTC website and newsletter.
  • You will have opportunities to do some travelling in your regional area
  • You may be asked to do some speaking in your regional area
  • You will be facilitating courses and events in your regional area

What can you expect from us?

  • We have DVD lectures, presentation outlines, and power points that we would offer for your use.
  • If you are doing a presentation and need merchandise to sell we can offer a special rate on bulk orders for our instructors.
  • We can help with creation of brochures and flyers
  • We are currently developing a National Chapters section on our Website

What has happened so far?

Successful Chapters Leaders make a difference in their communities, by educating and engaging in the arena of ideas, and motivating their local members to do the same.

For example:

  1. In Ohio our Chapter Leaders have graduated over 3000 people from our US Constitution Course!
  2. In California our Leaders have worked to teach our curriculum in Public, Private, and Home Schools!
  3. Nationally our courses and events are being taught and broadcasted on a regular basis to audiences all over America!

None of these things would have happened without strong, active, and engaged local chapters.

How do I get started?

Please send an email to and tell us you want to “plow your row”.   We will contact you and help you to get the tools you need to serve the Lord in this way.

We are honored to partner with you and are grateful for your faithfulness and for your work.

Thank you for “plowing your row in the Master’s field.”


Other ideas

Resources to consider developing specifically for your Chapter

  • A written bio of yourself with a picture
  • Create a YouTube channel with videos of you speaking
  • Develop and harness partnerships with church, school, and local patriot groups.
  • You can create an IOTC Chapter website and Social Media page with information and a calendar about events local to your region and link it to
  • Create a database of followers to send regular emails to.