Michael Anthony Peroutka

It was a great privilege and a great encouragement to be with people who care about their country and their country’s government and are committed to learning what they need to learn and doing what they need to do to restore constitutional government in these United States of America. I’ve included some pictures of the class and Pastor Decker whose late father was a mentor to myself and many others and who encouraged us to make the Biblical applications to law and government.
What a great night!

March 30, 2019

Larry Mayo and the New Covenant Church

Last evening I (Michael) had the pleasure of taking part in the opening class of the US Constitution Course presented at New Covenant Church in Lewes, Delaware and hosted by my good friend Larry Mayo. 
January 20, 2018

I Just Can’t Stop Being Me

This is why the most important thing to know about a candidate for office is his worldview – what he believes.
October 5, 2017

Washington Despises What Judge Roy Moore Stands For

You might say that Washington just can't stand what Judge Moore stands for.  Judge Moore prevailed by more than ten percentage points despite both the President and Vice President visiting Alabama to campaign against him. 
August 25, 2017


Now, these enemies of America are screaming about racism, but it rings quite hollow and, well…fake.