Dominic MacAulay

Pastor David Whitney spoke on January 19th to the Republican Woman’s Club of Baltimore County. While there, he explained our Founder’s world view of Law and Government and the necessity of every citizen to study both the U.S. Constitution as well as our State Constitutions. He told of how our Founder’s original intent for our Government system and that it was based on the Christian religion as to give the ultimate power to the Ultimate and Divine Creator. The message was well accepted by the club and Pastor Whitney hopes to continue work in their area. Click here to view a video of the lecture.

May 24, 2019

Republican Woman’s Club of Baltimore County

Pastor David Whitney spoke on January 19th to the Republican Woman's Club of Baltimore County.
May 24, 2019

An Open Letter to Rep. Steve Cohen: Your Denial of God in the Oath Disqualifies You From Office

To say, “So help me God,” is not “using God"; it is acknowledging and asking for advocacy and aid from whom the Declaration of Independence identifies as our Creator.
May 18, 2019

Ricki Pepin’ Leadership Training Coming Soon!

The next training will take place a month after our annual June graduation in Huber Heights, Ohio, on June 29th.
May 18, 2019

The Make-Believe World of a Transgender Powerlifter

Some things are real. Some things are make-believe. Knowing the difference is critically, crucially important.