The National Speech and Debate Association has chapters of students stationed all over America.

A primary focus for the Fargo, North Dakota Chapter is God and Country. They believe in teaching young Americans to be able to defend and speak to the greatness of American Philosophy, values, and ethics. So, naturally, they recently invited Institute on the Constitution President Jake MacAulay to help give them an even better understanding of American history.

Unfortunately we were only able to catch 1/3 of the class on camera, but be encouraged to hear that these young patriots (pictured) articulate a reasonable defense for American values and the importance of remaining true to America’s founding principles.

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Elizabeth Schomburg
Elizabeth Schomburg
Elizabeth Schomburg is a stay-at-home mother of two with a love for blogging, PR, Bible-journaling, and American History. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two young children.