Americans Discover their Heritage for the First Time!

   On April 22nd, 36 Ohioans, hungry to learn of the nation’s foundation upon Biblical principles, attended The Truth of America’s Founding: Your Heritage and Mine seminar at The Church at Farmersville with facilitators Ricki Pepin and Ellen Horton. Their response was not only positive but enthusiastic.  One of the goals of these seminars is to reach out to elected officials, and there were four present at the event. Several participants admitted to having been ignorant about our Christian American heritage and expressed a desire to learn more about the Constitution and the rule of law. We hope to be able to follow up with our 12-week Constitution course in the near future!
    Many thanks to Pastor Todd Smith and to events coordinator Stacey Creech for their efforts in arranging the event; and special thanks to the ladies of the Church, who blessed the seminar participants with a delicious lasagna dinner. This event was an amazing way to learn about our heritage as Americans and multiply the message!