American Club Student, Joshua Macaulay, and the West Orange Republic Women’s Federated

14 year old American Club student, Joshua Macaulay, joined his dad, Jake MacAulay, for a presentation in Central Florida at the West Orange Republican Women’s Federated. This group of women will be hosting our 12 Lecture US Constitution Course for their members. A special thanks to Chapter Leaders, Tom and Carole Hayes, who made this event possible along with group leader Cree Haag who will be joining the Hayes couple to teach the upcoming course. 
Here is a response from the event:
I just want you to know our Club yesterday just was so very impressed with you and Josh and the presentation you all brought to us. It was very informative and glorifying to God. Thank you again and again. I have had great responses to your time with us. Thank you very much for all your effort. I am going to pursue talking with my Pastor and seeing if I can get a time in our church to hold your Constitution classes. I will definitely let you know what occurs. If he is not willing, I will locate another place. No worries. Thanks again, and God Bless you, Josh, and your whole family. We will be praying for you all as you go and spread the wonderful truth about the glory of God to our country and what the truth really is!!!

At IOTC, we take seriously the calling to make sure the electorate and the elected are constitutionally educated.