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For more than fourteen years, Institute on the Constitution has produced and distributed educational resources including books, DVDs and course curricula intended to glorify God by making the application of His Word to law and government. Producing these resources, hosting educational events and making presentations to various groups across the country has been our ministry – we say that this is our “row to plow” – and it has been an encouraging and rewarding experience.

Because producing events, printing materials and making presentations sometimes taxes our financial means, we are keenly aware of the costs associated with continuing our ministry and we are very careful with all donations that are entrusted to us. We strive to be worthy servants and good stewards of the resources that Lord provides to us through you. We pray that, Lord willing, we will be able to continue our mission to teach The American View of Law and Government and also to expand our efforts to reach a new generation with resources acquainting them with and reconnecting them to our American heritage of liberty under law.

To this end, as the Lord may lead you, we ask you to consider making a donation to Institute on the Constitution.

As always, we are grateful to you for your support and for your faithfulness in “plowing your row” in His field.

For the Constitutional Republic,

Michael Anthony Peroutka

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