Steps To Starting An American Club

  1. You need members… Gather a group of students with a vested interest in the foundation of American law and government, current events, and politics.
    1. 2 students is all that is required and this is a great start. Small numbers can do great things!
    2. Try to be diverse: age, gender, race, political views, religion, etc.
  2. Teacher Sponsor…Find a teacher/advisor to sponsor the club by allowing you to use his/her room for meetings. Any classroom with work, just a few things to consider:
    1. Consider internet connection
    2. Consider some discussion may include Skypeing guest speakers in.
  3. Meeting Format… Determine how often the meetings will be held (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
    1. Choose best days and frequency so as not to alienate students involved in other activities.
  4. Determine the length of your meetings (30 minutes, 1 hr, etc. – generally 1 hour is required for the curriculum).
    1. Make this decision together as a group so everyone’s perspective is heard.
  5. Register with the School… Submit the idea for the club to either the school principal or a designated assistant principal.
    1. Include the purpose of the club and proposed meeting dates.

      Click Here to download a powerpoint presentation you can use to teach your colleagues on how to start an American club!