Michael Anthony Peroutka and Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild on the role of the Local Official

Order "Connecting the Dots: How Sustainability and Agenda 21 Threaten America's Freedoms" by Richard Rothschild

Order “Connecting the Dots: How Sustainability and Agenda 21 Threaten America’s Freedoms” by Richard Rothschild

The purpose of our government is to protect us from lawlessness, but history tells us that governments themselves can become lawless. When this happens we need local officials with wisdom and courage to interpose on our behalf. That is why I am pleased to know Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, who is an elected official willing to stand and do his duty. I am asking you to give your attention and your support to Commissioner Rothschild.

Thanks Michael.

Across Maryland, people are scared. They fear their government has become perverted, and our Constitution is being shredded.

People ask, “Why do they do this”? 

Well, “Because we let them.” In our efforts to be reasonable, we have demonstrated we will tolerate the intolerable… and THIS is a mistake.

Individual rights of life-liberty & property are being replaced with collectivist goals of “social equity.” Maryland now promotes a new indicator called the Genuine Process Indicator (GPI) that uses socialist goals to measure our economy. Individual success can actually make the indicator go down by contributing to “inequality.” This is nonsense.

Clearly, to preserve freedom, locally elected officials have become our citizens’ last line of defense against government run amuck.

I believe our oath to the Constitution demands local officials adopt resolutions to preserve citizens’ gun rights, and encourage elected Sheriffs’ to do the same. 

One thing is clear. If the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, NOW is the time for citizens to demand active resistance by their local officials.