Our twelve session course of study on the Constitution has now been presented to tens of thousands of Americans. The design of our course, using videos and student and teacher texts, makes it possible for any individual, or for any small or large group, to gain an essential understanding of law and liberty. No prior legal knowledge is required.
Anybody can do it.

Frequently, when a group completes our course, they will invite me or someone from our staff to come to a small ceremony where we can celebrate the graduation of students of all ages.

So one of the great pleasures of my work is to visit various places across the country where caring citizens have taken our course at a local church, or a community center, or sometimes a private home.

Recently, I traveled to Minneapolis where The Sons of Liberty conducted a class hosted by my friend Jake McCauley.

Upon returning home, I received a letter from a student named Tracy. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Michael,
My wife and I thank you for coming to Minnesota to attend our graduation from the Constitution course. I can’t tell you how much I learned in this course. I was telling Jake that I can’t recall ever having to read the Constitution at any time in high school or college; However, I was required to read the Communist Manifesto.

How sad.

The Constitution course was such a treasure! Thank you so much for putting the course together. I would have never learned the true history of our country’s founding if you hadn’t.

I am so grateful.