Pastor David Whitney posts sermons, announcements, commentaries, and more. From his notices, you will learn of some of the classes around the country studying Institute on the Constitution’s U.S. Constitution course. Pastor Whitney is a Senior Instructor at Institute on the Constitution.

David graduated from Rutgers University as a Henry Rutgers Honors Scholar with Honors in History. He received his Masters Degree from Denver Seminary.

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May 25, 2016

Obama’s New Neckwear

I understand that new neckwear is being prepared for Obama in light of his administration’s actions on May 13th of this year. It is not a fancy silk neck tie, no nor is it an expensive gold chain, it is, well… let’s let Jesus describe it.
May 18, 2016
Spiritual revival

The First President to Put a Man in a Woman’s Room – We Need Revival!

It has been an interesting week. I don’t know if any of you receive hate email, I received one this week that was more vicious than most others. If the writer believed in hell he was essentially commanding me to go there - and immediately.
May 11, 2016
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Don’t Bow Down to Environmental Idols

I was on the radio show in Valley Forge this Friday WFYL, ‘We the People’ where we explored 9 reasons Obama should be impeached and removed from office.
May 4, 2016
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Contrasting the Presidential Candidates

Well the results of the primary this Tuesday in Maryland are in. It is interesting to examine the promises politicians make as they are pleading for our votes. I can summarize the communist candidate with this "Let us take all your money and we will care for you cradle to grave."
April 27, 2016
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Fired for Telling the Truth of God’s Word

How much will it cost in America to be a faithful Christian? Consider the case of Dr. Eric Walsh a renowned public health expert who also serves as a lay minister. It is is his preaching from the pulpit that has led to the troubles he now faces.
April 20, 2016
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The Answer to Gender Anarchy

Anyone objectively viewing the moral landscape of America for the past five decades cannot help but remark at the disaster that has befallen our land. This moral degradation of America is called by the left “liberty and justice” - it is anything but that. It is sexual anarchy.