Pastor David Whitney posts sermons, announcements, commentaries, and more. From his notices, you will learn of some of the classes around the country studying Institute on the Constitution’s U.S. Constitution course. Pastor Whitney is a Senior Instructor at Institute on the Constitution.

David graduated from Rutgers University as a Henry Rutgers Honors Scholar with Honors in History. He received his Masters Degree from Denver Seminary.

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September 28, 2015
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Liberty or Tyranny? “The King Has Come” – Part 25

It began as a normal day for Chris Routson as he prepared to go to work, until he received a phone call instructing him to come in a few hours later than normal. Chris worked […]
September 23, 2015
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After Repentance “The King Has Come” – Part 24

What is evident in the current run up to the 2016 elections is that American’s enjoy political theater. It is obvious that America has endured enough of Barack Obama in the White House – the hand […]
September 17, 2015
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Curing the Soul of Man “The King Has Come” – Part 23

Kim Davis, the clerk who stood against the sodomite mafia in black robes is now free from prison. Last week we explored the roots of this Obergefell v. Hodges opinion and discover they are deep and long […]
September 11, 2015
Lesser Magistrate

Some Sober and Needful Thoughts on the Defiance of Clerks in Kentucky

Our friend Pastor Matt Trewhella wrote an excellent piece on the doctrine of the lesser magistrate and the duty of elected officials to interpose. Every Christian patriot needs to read this piece.
September 9, 2015
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Kim Davis and Care for the Soul? “The King Has Come” – Part 22

It has happened. In Kentucky on Thursday last week federal Judge David Bunning ordered the Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis jailed for refusing to issue a marriage license to sodomites. When the news was heard […]
September 3, 2015
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What Is Man? “The King Has Come” – Part 21

The internet is truly a strange place. Two online tactics are shaming and flaming. These techniques are used to destroy reputations, destroy livelihoods and even to destroy lives. Just ask the dentist Walter Palmer who […]