American Clubs

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is launching partnerships with students in public and private schools across America! This new initiative has founded American Clubs on high school and college campuses across the country. IOTC helps students establish their clubs, provides them with educational resources and curricula, facilitates booking national speakers, and grants them a platform to publicize their endeavors. The American Club emphasizes the significance of The American View of Law and Government, but also empowers the students to live their faith with courage and conviction. Students will gain many skills as a result of participating in the club which includes written and oral communication, leadership, organization, and management. The clubs will even have free legal representation and backing from the Religious Liberties Law firm of Liberty Counsel!

In the words of an IOTC intern, “After I took the U.S. Constitution course my eyes were opened to how sacred and special our Declaration of Independence was that it wasn’t just fireworks but rather a sacred document that declared life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to every American and that those rights came from God and were not separated from Him.

After becoming a graduate I took the next step and hosted the course at my school through an American Club format that IOTC offers. Free of charge an instructor came to my school, taught and graduated our class!

At this point in my life not only am I educated on the cultural war around me, but I choose to fight for my country. After school I go to work for the Institute on the Constitution and am doing my best to reach my generation. I pray and hope you can help me.”

  • Starting a Club – If you’re interested, click here and follow these steps!
  • Liberty Council – Your school might fight you on this. Liberty Council has your back when it comes to any first amendment violation issues you might be dealing with in starting your club.
  • Teacher Sponsor Letter Template – You’re going to need a teacher to sponsor your club. This template is a rough guideline of what you’ll have to send him or her.
  • Over Coming Road Blocks – When fighting the good fight there are always going to be road blocks. Here are some tips to help you over coming those road blocks.
  • How to Sponsor a Club – Not a student? Are you still interested in supporting the cause in some way? If you click this link and fill out the form we will get back to you as soon as possible with helpful information on what you can do.
  • Commentary – Check out our students thoughts with commentary in the American Club Corner.

With your financial partnership we will be sponsoring numerous clubs throughout America this year! Knowledge of our God-given liberties belongs in public education…If the school won’t teach it, the kids will!

If you would like additional information on how to establish or sponsor a club, please email